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FLIR Lepton 3.5
HIGH RESOLUTION MICRO THERMAL CAMERA FLIR LEPTON 3 & 3.5 FLIR’s highest resolution LWIR micro thermal imaging module now includes LEPTON 3.5. LEPTON 3.5 offers the same 160x120, 12 micron, uncooled FPA found in the Lepton 3.0 but now provides calibrated radiometric output across the entire 19,200 pixel array. Lepton 3.5 also increases the scene dynamic range to +400 degrees C providing even greater flexibility for demanding applications. Incorporating the same form and fit as the other most popular Lepton products, the Lepton 3.5 allows for a fast and easy upgrade path with little effort. The revolutionary Lepton was the first complete longwave infrared sensor small enough to be used in smartphones and other mobile platforms. The new radiometric Lepton 3.5 offers users more advanced capability where temperature values and high temperature scenes are required. Smaller than a dime, low power consumption, unmatched image quality, and simple integration coupled with the lowest cost of any FPA based thermal sensor on the market today provides users the tool for innovative product development efforts.
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